Kids Online Art workshop-Creating patterns – Galaxy Art!

Detail of Galaxy Artwork from my workshop!

My Online Class for kids Art this week was creating a Galaxy Artwork using the textures and patterns that we created using a special technique. As opposed to my concerns about getting the patterns without my personal presence, kids just went through the whole process effectively. We created the patterns twice on separate sheets, to make sure there are enough base in case the first attempt didn’t make-through. But to my surprise, they got beautiful prints on both attempts!

Galaxy Artwork2 from my workshop

The last step was of course cutting out the planets and creating their own Galaxies! See what they got! Natural textures resembling real planets!! It always makes me proud to watch their giggles and smiles, when they explain what they have created & how they enjoyed the session!!

Galaxy Artwork3 from my workshop
Galaxy Artwork1 from my workshop
Detail2 of Galaxy Artwork from my workshop
Galaxy Artwork4 from my workshop
Galaxy Artwork7 from my workshop
Galaxy Artwork6 from my workshop
Galaxy Artwork5 from my workshop
Creating Textures & Patterns-kids art class
Galaxy Art workshop for kids
Details of art-kids online art class

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